Karekeba is an endeavour to be a game-changer for the startup ecosystem of 'Bharat'. We curate, shortlist and closely mentor the shortlisted startups through hands-on mentorship and advisory services.

'भारत' को डेवेलप करे के बा!

All of us are familiar with the fact that the states like Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, West-Bengal, Odisha, etc, what we call 'Bharat' have become the labour force providing capital of the country. The states suffer immensely from the brain drain and the skilled capital drain. Every part of India has migrant labourers from Bharat. As the lockdown unfolded, we were all witnessed to the horrors of migration and people wanting to come back home. For many, this was not a pleasant journey. Sitting in our privileged homes, we along with a few more fellow colleagues, pledged at that very moment, that we will do something for Bharat. Karekeba is that something.

It is our humble attempt to support entrepreneurs and teams who can help in generating job opportunities locally in Bharat. Karekeba seeks to support businesses who can contribute to changing the narrative of Bharat. The question in all our minds is, how do we go from a state of poverty to that of prosperity. From a state of helplessness to a state of strength. From a state of despair to a state of joy.
We must and despite we will. Kare ke ba!

What we do

We curate high potential, impact-oriented and innovative startups; evaluate their market scale up potential, mentor them to enhance their performance and investment-readiness, and connect them with potential investors for funding, thus helping them in their journey.

Who we are

We are a team of strong passionate professionals from Bihar who have extensive experience in finance, technology, design, product management, and startup ecosystem, bringing cumulative experience and learnings of 100+ years, and the value of our robust networks to KKB and through it, to Bharat.

The Beginning

KKB was conceptualized with a thought to address the anomalies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India by bringing best-in-class value creation for the entrepreneurs in the under-served geographies of India i.e. 'Bharat'. With a firm belief in the innovative prowess of the youth of 'Bharat', it strives to enable and empower them through mentorship, hand-holding, and providing a platform for securing investment for scale-up. It is the place where 'Impact meets financial returns'.


To emerge as a potent catalyst and market leader for nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship by building one of its kind mentoring and investment platform for aspiring entrepreneurs from underserved India i.e. 'Bharat'.


To build a strong innovation and startup ecosystem in 'Bharat' by identifying, enabling, curating, empowering and scaling-up impact and innovation driven start-ups and enterprises, while maximising the value to the investors and stakeholders.

Investment Philosophy

Karekeba’s investment philosophy is rooted in its core values and beliefs. We believe that there is no dearth of talented, sincere, hardworking, enterprising and investment-worthy people in underserved geographies but the entrepreneurial ecosystem has failed them. KareKeBa will facilitate impact investments to foster entrepreneurship that translate into economic growth and employment creation. It will look bring investments into promising and hard-working startup founders and into viable business ideas and solid execution capacities. It will strive to maintain a diverse portfolio with sectoral exposure caps as also a mix of risk-return profiles- from low to high. While the financial RoIs are very important, it will assign due weightage to the socio-economic impact- upliftment from poverty, incremental incomes, generation of dignified employment, gender equity, sustainable development, solving a real problem at grass-root level and contribution to the society and economy. Each investment will have a pre-defined exit strategy.

A company in Karekeba’s portfolio is more than an investment – it is a partner in the truest sense. Working closely with each entrepreneur and his or her team, we should be able to ensure that each business thrives and is able to provide a significant number of stable, dignified jobs in the communities where they are needed most and a robust financial RoI to the investors on KKB platform.